V-shaped pillow

4 / 5 (Review rating for V-shaped pillow
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Good Points:
  • Much cheaper than other makes
  • Many uses both for baby and parents
Bad Points:
  • A bit bulky
  • Not as supportive as bean-filled ones
V-shaped pillow

Verdict: Versatile and useful before and after birth.

Not surprisingly, it's a pillow in a V shape. Primarily it's recommended by various organisations as a support for the baby when breast-feeding, although once the baby gets older and doesn't need the support the pillow is a comfortable back support for the mother - better than a normal pillow due to it's size.

Another advantage of this pillow is that when your baby first learns to sit up, it can be placed around them to protect them should they fall backwards or sideways. We also use it for our child to sleep on and the V shape helps stop him rolling around (at least it did before he discovered his legs!).

Although we thought it wouldn't be worth it initially, we are glad we finally bought one as it has so many uses. Incidentally, it's worth pointing out that there are various V-shaped pillows or cushions available from specialist baby companies but usually at inflated prices - visit Argos instead and your wallet will thank you as well as your partner!

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recently brought another one, quality very poor very flimsy, does not wash well now looking for a better quality
happy30 June 2005