Tripp Trapp highchair

4.5 / 5 (Review rating for Tripp Trapp highchair
Score: 4.5 / 5


£99 + £19 for the baby set (Free delivery in UK mainland)

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Good Points:
  • Grows with the child
  • Excellent seating position
  • Stylish and well-made
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes
Bad Points:
  • Expensive
Tripp Trapp highchair

Verdict: Not as cheap as some but should last many times longer. Stylish and ergonomic too.

Tripp Trapp chairs have grown in popularity recently, however they have been in production since 1972. The company that produces them, Stokke, are specialists in home and office chairs that are ergonomic and stylish and created the Tripp Trapp with these principles in mind. They design a few other items of furniture for children but the Tripp Trapp seems to be the mainstay of their range and seems to have filled a niche market with few competitors.

The chair is made of wood and requires self-assembly - it took us less than half an hour despite the 'assistance' of a baby. When built it feels incredibly solid and stable but with just an Allen key it's easy to change the position of the seat or footrest to fit your growing child. The Tripp Trapp is recommended for babies from 6 months old although for this young age an additional kit is required which is effectively a wooden bar and strap to prevent them falling out. Fitted cushions and extra straps are also available but we've not really needed them. One thing that may appear unusual for a highchair is that there is no tray - the chair should be positioned next to a table for meals. We haven't found this a problem and like the fact that our child can easily join us at the table. One other feature is that this chair is available in various colours or in various wood effects - see the Stokke website for details.

When we bought ours, the lady in the shop said the Tripp Trapp "should be compulsory for all children - it's a no-brainer". In theory, I'd have to agree with her. It's easily better than other highchairs in just about every area I can think of, however in practice its high price compared to some other chairs means it may not be suitable for those on a budget. Having said that, the Tripp Trapp is designed to be used by the child for many years, even into adulthood, in which case it should prove to be good value. It certainly didn't take us long to feel that it's a very worthwhile investment and over 3 million other customers seem to agree. UPDATE: It's nearly four years on and our Tripp Trapp looks and feels as good as when we bought it. Not only that but our toddler loves helping adjust the height every now and then! Still highly recommended...