The Expectant Father (Betty Parsons)

4 / 5 (Review rating for The Expectant Father (Betty Parsons)
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Good Points:
  • Positive but not patronising.
  • Very fair - there's no right or wrong way.
  • Easy to read with accurate medical information.
Bad Points:
  • Short and doesn't go into much detail.
  • Calls all expectant fathers "husband".
The Expectant Father (Betty Parsons)

Verdict: Good advice at a good price.

The first thing you may have noticed about this book is that it's written by a lady. Hmm, what would she know about being a father? Well, quite a lot, it seems. According to the foreword she has taught hundreds of couples about pregnancy and childbirth and soon after you start reading you realise she does know what she's talking about. I actually found it quite refreshing reading advice from a lady putting herself in a man's shoes.

The book is divided into 3 sections, Ante-natal - Labour - Post-natal, however the author recommends that it is read early in the pregnancy to help men to adapt smoothly to the changes underway, and also because she feels too many dads-to-be leave it until the last minute (that sounds familiar!) to take an active part in supporting the mum-to-be. Having said that, The Expectant Father is a book that can be dipped into when you feel like it or when you want some easy-to-read information on a particular aspect. The disadvantage of this is that she doesn't go into much depth on any subject. It is best supplemented with a more detailed volume that could act as a reference manual, such as Birth and Beyond.

Any book that starts by explaining a woman's hormones has got to be worth reading and, sure enough, every chapter contains useful advice designed to widen our understanding of this phenomenon. I also felt that it might be of interest to many mums-to-be, enabling them to see a dad's point of view. The only niggle is that we're referred to as "husband" rather than the more politically-correct "partner".