Tamsit chair harness (pocket highchair)

5 / 5 (Review rating for Tamsit chair harness (pocket highchair)
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Tamsit International

Around £10


Good Points:
  • Indispensable
  • Small and light
Bad Points:
  • Nothing (now I've discovered it's available for less than £10)
Tamsit chair harness (pocket highchair)

Verdict: No parent should be without one.

Soon after getting married, in my pre-baby era, I remember going to a friend's wedding and seeing one of the guests (a new dad) arriving weighed down by baby paraphernalia. Most of it seemed to be a colourful plastic booster seat which, although portable, was equally bulky whether it was packed away or not. "You'll be like that one day" I was told, and from that moment I was determined to avoid becoming a slave to baby stuff. Since then, I've become mildly enslaved (there's only so much you can do with just a pen-knife and a biro) but the Pocket Highchair has helped me retain some of my pre-baby dignity.

The photo explains it better than I can, but I'll have a go anyway: It's a single piece of cloth that slips over the back of a standard dining chair (not the ones with a rounded back, though), goes under the baby and then ties back on itself, holding the baby in. It's a bit like a nappy that ties to a chair and is perfect for dining out where highchairs are unavailable and you don't want to carry bulky booster seats. There are no clips, buttons, poppers or zips and ours has so far proved to be very durable.

We originally received a Pocket Highchair from my aunt as a birth present and were told we would find it invaluable. As she promised, it is one of things you wonder how you could do without and it constantly get's a reaction whenever we use it in public. It is simple but ingenious and whole-heartedly recommended.