Birth And Beyond (Yehudi Gordon)

5 / 5 (Review rating for Birth And Beyond (Yehudi Gordon)
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Good Points:
  • Exhaustive and detailed but easy to understand.
  • Open-minded approach which includes complementary medicine.
  • Practical parenting advice not just for when there are problems.
Bad Points:
  • A few grammar and spelling mistakes but nothing serious.
Birth And Beyond (Yehudi Gordon)

Verdict: Like having a doctor and personal advisor in the house.

I bought this book in a panic after the birth of our child turned out not to be as smooth as we'd hoped. It had coincidentally been highly recommended in a UK newspaper the previous week and on opening it we immediately felt reassured, both in it's size and in the way it is written.

There are effectively two books in one: - The first part is a chronological journey through pregnancy and the nine months following the birth. The tone is very positive and down-to-earth and pleasingly approaches parenting as a joint effort - many books and magazines tend to make the father feel neglected. As well as frequently referring to the baby's own viewpoint, there are also several practical tips on development and upbringing. The overall message is that there are no rules and "correct" methods - just useful advice to absorb and apply in your own way. - The second part is a large reference section covering health issues, etc. in great detail covering both mother and baby. This can be dipped into as and when necessary and as in the first section, is written in an easy-to-understand style but with additional medical explanations. There are a variety of remedies described for each ailment including non-conventional medicine, which is typical of the book's open-mindedness.

With so many parenting books available and so many other baby items eating up my salary, it's difficult to know what is worth spending money on but without doubt, "Birth and Beyond" is excellent value if only for the peace of mind and self-confidence it instills in us as new parents. Although it's intended for pregnancy and the following nine months, we first discovered this book after the birth but are still finding it useful over one year later.