Baby Mozart DVD (or video)

5 / 5 (Review rating for Baby Mozart DVD (or video)
Score: 5 / 5

Baby Einstein Company

£17.09 (£11.69 for video)


Good Points:
  • Keeps them captivated at various ages
  • Soothing for parents as well
  • Can be used to teach vocabulary
Bad Points:
  • You could come to depend on it too much
Baby Mozart DVD (or video)

Verdict: Seems strange to say it, but this is a baby classic!

This is one of a series of DVDs and videos from this company who also do books, flash cards, CDs and CD-ROMs. As you'd expect from the title, it's music by Mozart with a visual accompaniment aimed at babies. On first viewing it's a bit of a shock. There's no animation, there are no irritatingly smiley people jumping around singing songs, there are no stories; it's just 5 to 10-second sequences of moving toys or still pictures of everyday objects with a musical backing played on instruments friendly to little ears rather than a full orchestra.

It's only after you watch it a few times and see your baby's reaction that you realise how magical it is. Admittedly not all parents would agree, but we found that by rationing how much we watch it, it became the perfect treat for both our son and us (when we need a break). It lasts around 25 minutes and we've actually grown to like it as background music in it's own right!

It initially took a lot to extract over £10 from my wallet to pay for something that looks as though you could make it yourself, but if we lost our copy now I'd buy a replacement immediately. Incidentally we've also tried Baby Einstein but Baby Mozart is still our favourite. There's just something about it...