Free Stuff for Dads (and Mums)

General Free Stuff
Hand-me-downsFriends and familyThe first place to turn. People are often keen to be part of the birth by donating clothes, toys and yes, even advice. Take it and smile!
Book, bookmarks, etc.Your local libraryIn many areas libraries provide packs for babies or children to encourage them to start reading.
The parkYour local neighbourhoodSometimes neglected, sometimes unsuitable for little ones, but find a good one and spend quality time instead of money.
Wallcharts, piggy banks, etc.The bankOften available to entice you to open an account for your child. Don't choose on freebies alone, though - a high interest rate is much better in the long run.
Bibs, toys, accessories, etc.Pregnancy and baby magazinesIf you're shopping for little items, it's worth checking the magazine shelves first as you may save money and have something to read as well.
Free nappy samplesNappy suppliers and retailersSpirit of Nature, The Natural Baby Company, Naturebotts, The Organic Delivery Company and TreeHugger Mums (presumably for dads as well) all do free samples of the Moltex Oko eco-friendly disposable nappies in the UK.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.Local dentist or clinicIf you ask a health professional for advice on products for babies and children, very often they will be able to give you a free sample of something they recommend.
Free paper craftPrinter manufacturersTry Canon, Hewlett-Packard or Epson
Booklets, coupons, product samplesBaby clubsTry Tesco, Sainsbury, Huggies, Pampers, Baby Organix, Bright Beginnings, Little Remedies, Gerber and Juicy Juice for starters.

Specific Parenting Freebies
Bounty packBountyOne of the best sources of free samples and information in the UK. Available to all expecting parents and parents of babies or toddlers, you apply for a voucher on their website which you can redeem at certain shops. At the time of writing there are 6 packs for the different stages of pregnancy and early parenthood.UK only
Free pictures, music and craft activitiesBBCAmong other things, make your fellow dads jealous by learning how to draw your favourite BBC characters. 
Door hangers, stickers, fridge magnets and videoNational Institute of Child Health & Human DevelopmentPublications and other items from their health communication campaigns. 
Growth chartBaby's Dream Furniture US only
Free sample of Spiffies Dental WipesDr. Ray's Products Apply by post only
"Safe & Sound for Baby" brochureJuvenile Products Manufacturers AssociationFor general baby product safety and usage guidelines around the house.Apply by post only. In English and Spanish
Beech-Nut bibBeech-NutYou have to sign up for their email newsletter.US only

N.B. You may have to pay postage to receive some free samples. In addition, offers may change - please leave a comment below if you find any offers no longer exist or if you know of others not listed here. Thank you.