The Best Paper Airplanes

NameNotes Rating
Best Paper Airplane in the WorldModestly titled - does it live up to its claim?Rating for Best Paper Airplane in the World
(58 votes)
The DragonQuote: "The best plane for trying to hit your teacher or lecturer with". Video included (of construction, not hitting a teacher).Rating for The Dragon
(42 votes)
OmniWingA nice-looking design but uses tape. Is that allowed?Rating for OmniWing
(17 votes)
PL-1 Joe's Favorite Paper AirplaneQuote: "The result of years of childhood research, design and testing". A well-spent youth, Joe!Rating for PL-1 Joe's Favorite Paper Airplane
(16 votes)
Inverted paper planeA design gradually improved over the years. Jump to the bottom to see the best airplane.Rating for Inverted paper plane
(3 votes)
AvengerWinner of a "perfect plane" contest in 2005.Rating for Avenger
(17 votes)
Simple Paper AirplaneAs simple as it gets. Paperclips are used on the nose (of the plane).Rating for Simple Paper Airplane
(25 votes)
Manta Paper PlaneAn original glider-style design. Video instructions.Rating for Manta Paper Plane
(12 votes)
Barnaby FlyerInvolves cutting. The page also includes flying tips.Rating for Barnaby Flyer
(18 votes)
The FlapperYes, it does as its name suggests.Rating for The Flapper
(13 votes)
The SabertoothLooks mean and reaches speeds of Mach 3, apparently.Rating for The Sabertooth
(18 votes)

If you make any of these paper airplanes, please submit a rating. And if you liked these, why not try some easy-to-make kites?