Baby Gender Predictor

Let the magic of the internet predict your baby's gender.
If you can't answer a question just leave it blank - the gender predictor will still guess carefully calculate...

1. Is the mum-to-be craving cheese and meat rather than sweet things?
2. Is the Bump generally out in front and not noticable from behind?
3. How do I phrase this? Would you say the mum-to-be is not quite as cheerful as before and has perhaps lost some of her good looks?
4. During pregnancy, do the mum-to-be's legs look fat? (This is all confidential, by the way.)
5. Add the mum-to-be's age at conception to the year of conception. Is the result an even number?
6. Does the mum-to-be tend to sleep on her right side?
7. Ask the mum-to-be to show you her hands. Does she show them with palms facing up?
8. After staring in the mirror for one minute, do the mum-to-be's pupils dilate?
9. Ask the mum-to-be to pick up a cup or mug. Does she pick it up by the handle?
10. Have you gained any weight during her pregnancy?

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