Helpful phrases for when labour starts

With thanks to my local NCT dads. We accept no responsibility for the consequences of using these.

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I tried the scary one - my head hurt for weeks!! Granted my wife was expecting triplets, was in a lot of pain - I think I deserved the hit round the head!!
Tobey MacDonald14 June 2005

I will show martin, i thouhgt it was funny reading them.
andrea24 May 2005

I've decided just to ignore her..... Much easier.
Jon6 November 2004

I tried the scary one, thankfully I am still alive!
Andrew13 August 2004

manicure dear!
mal27 June 2004

That reminds me, I'm ready for a trim!
Robert Seaton17 June 2004

Steve Wright17 June 2004

Tried each one...they have all left me!!
Mr Twist17 June 2004

To paraphrase the great man himself: "All I can offer you are blood, sweat and tears" Not sure what type of tears though
simon womersley16 June 2004